Shiloh Turner w/ Holy Pursuit Dream Foundation with his First of two Spring 2019 Black Bear

Shiloh w/ Holy Pursuit Dream Foundation showing off the massive Bear Paw from his first Giant Alberta Black Bear.

Don – With a Average representation of the Mule Deer you could expect.  Scoring 171″.

Jeremiah Voithofer w/ MTN Top Outdoors ” The Most Bears I’ve ever seen, a Hunt I’ll never forget! Within the first 3 days, we had 4 Pope and Young Bears on the ground, 2 even made Boone and Crocket! “

Jeremy Critchfield aka HUNT CHEF with his 47″ Grinder of a Moose! This Moose had been fighting hard during the Rut, he had some major points broke off and was very heavily bruised when we dressed him out, which can only mean there’s a bigger dude out there just waiting!

Gorgeous 2018 Spring Bear guided by Don.

Terry Griswold owner of GRISWOLD ARCHERY located in Cameron, Illinois with his GIANT 2018 Spring Black Bear guided by Don.

Don – With a Great Representation of our Northern Alberta Timber Wolf.

Curtis – With his 2019 Spring Bear. This Camp Trouble maker just wouldn’t stay out of camp, waking up to him climbing in the Argo, flipping the BBQ over daily, and getting into coolers, so we opted to take him. When Bears get this comfortable they become a danger to our clients, gear and ourselves.

Shiloh Turner w/ Holy Pursuit Dream Foundation with his second Giant 2019 Spring Bear.

Don with another Camp Trouble Brut! We had this guy coming into camp busting stuff up, watching us throughout the day, and finally challenging Don at 8 yards with only the Argo between them. Hunters were showing up the next day, so it was a hard choice to take him but safety first had to be applied.

Massive Bear Paw from the Camp Trouble Brut!

Blake Parker with his first ever Black Bear, taken Spring 2019. This bear was challenging us on a bait we were tending for the hunters coming into camp. When he charged at us which Blake made the choice to put him down.

Jeremiah Voithfer w/ MTN TOP OUTDOORS “MY 2018 first ever Moose hunt was absolutely unforgettable, with some of the most beautiful country I’ve ever laid eyes on. The First Class effort from Don to get us onto Bulls during a super cold snap which turned the Rut right off the day after we arrived. We had 2 different opportunities on 40″ + bulls, but had wind bust us on one occasion, and gun jam on another.  This Bull presented himself at last light on our second to last evening, 468 yard standing shot which hit the spot, dropping him in his tracks! Meat in the Freezer!”

Hunter (Brett Connell) with his 2023 spring bear hunt with owners/guides – Kyle & Curtis!

Brett Connell showing off his 2023 Boone & Crockett black bear!